Luigi's Homemade Italian Food

947 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Open Tue - Sat 5p-9p, Closed Sun and Mon


Luigi's is one of a handful of family-owned and operated restaurants in Colorado Springs. Leo and Anne Cervetti came to Colorado from Chicago in the early 50's. Leo was a brick layer and a stone mason. He worked on the Air Force Academy Chapel and buildings at Colorado College. They worked evenings in a friend's family restaurant in Palmer Lake and decided that owning and operating a restaurant was their dream. Leo and Anne started Luigi's in 1958 in a small building adjacent to their home on East Mill Street.

The name ''Luigi's'' came from Leo's grandfather, and the recipes from Leo's relatives. The menu was simple: pizza, lasagna and spaghetti. It was mostly carry-out, but there were a few tables and a counter with stools. The first night they were open, Leo and Anne sold 6 pizzas; the second night, none! Leo and Anne didn't get discouraged. They knew that if they served a high quality product, with a smile, in a pleasant atmosphere, their business would grow.

The Cervetti's worked hard to achieve their goal, and Luigi's developed a loyal following of Ft.Carson soldiers, local businessmen, doctors, and young families. Luigi's has generations of families as patrons. The same people who first ate at the little carry-out cafe on Mill Street are still customers. Their children and grandchildren are now customers. Luigi's has been many things to our customers: a quiet, cozy getaway for a romantic dinner; a place you can take your kids and still have a wonderful meal for yourself; the perfect setting for an elaborate business dinner; carry-out food you can feel good about eating after a hard day's work.

Our customers have celebrated engagements, weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and even funerals. People come to see if their friends are here, and more than likely, they are! Luigi's has the character and atmosphere that grew and developed over 60 years of dedication to quality and hard work. Nothing is contrived or pretentious. Our parents were basic, simple, hardworking people who cared about their employees, customers, and their business. They succeeded by serving a quality product, in a pleasant manner that made people want to return.

Thank you for helping us continue the family tradition. We know there are many choices when it comes to dining out, and we thank YOU for choosing Luigi's.